What kind of bike can I use the Cargo Water Bottle on?

The Cargo will fit a standard water bottle cage and can be used on most commuter bikes, gravel bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, triathlon bikes, cruisers, etc.

Is the Cargo BPA free?

Yes, the Cargo is 100% BPA and phthalates-free. It will not leach harmful chemicals. The hydration portion of the bottle is made of LDPE and the cargo portion is made of ABS.

How much water does the Cargo hold?


What is the Cargo’s storage capacity?

~450ml, enough to fit a spare tire tube, tire levers, small multitool, 2x 16g Co2 cartridge and a compact Co2 inflator head with room to spare.  It is a suitable replacement for a medium saddle bag / saddle pack.

What's the size of the Cargo?

The Cargo is approximately the size of a standard 750ml / 25 oz water bottle, like a larger Polar or Camelbak.  It's about 240mm (9.5 inches) from the shoulder of the cap to the bottom of the bottle and 80mm in diameter. 

Will the Cargo fit into a standard water bottle cage?

Yes, the Cargo will fit into a standard water bottle cage. It will fit anywhere a larger Polar or Camelbak water bottle fits. We have tested it extensively and it stays secure in bottle cages and does not topple out.

Does the the Cargo (or the contents in it) rattle?

In extensive testing on rough roads and gravel we have not experienced any issues with rattling or any noise coming from the Cargo when fully packed.

How do I access the dry storage compartment of the Cargo?

You simply unscrew the bottom half of the Cargo and have access to the storage compartment.

Can I put the Cargo into the dishwasher?

Yes, the Cargo is dishwasher safe and has been designed for easy cleaning.

I see the Cargo pictured with all sorts of tools, spare parts and gels / nutrition. Does the Cargo come with these items?

No, at this time SmrT offers only the Cargo bottle itself.  All pictured tools, tubes, accessories, gels, energy bars, etc. are pictured for demonstration purposes only!

Is the Cargo patented?

Yes, the SmrT Cargo is patent-pending with the US PTO.

Do you ship internationally?

At this time we are offering and shipping the Cargo in the United States only.  We intend to ship internationally in the future.

Do you do custom or bulk / dealer / wholesale orders?

Please contact us at info@smrthydration.com if you are interested in a custom or bulk / dealer / wholesale order.