Introducing The Cargo Storage-Water Bottle

Keep Cycling Beautiful - Lose the Saddle Bag


Seamless Design

The Cargo Storage Water Bottle is a simple mash-up of the storage keg and the water bottle, with water up top in a standard squeezable water bottle and dry storage down below. With The Cargo, you no longer have to carry an unsightly saddle bag or stuff your jersey pockets with cycling related tools, and you maintain the primary function of your bottle cage - carrying hydration! The Cargo is the ultimate saddle bag alternative.

Functional and Reusable

Approximately the size of a large water bottle, The Cargo allows you to carry your cycling essentials and hydration in a single bottle cage, and is easily transferable between bikes. Water volume: ~500ml; Cargo Volume: ~450 cc (Enough for a tube, tire levers, small mutlitool, co2 cartridge and head). The bottle is comprised of two parts: the storage area is made of a strong durable abs/pp plastic that is impact resistant and the upper hydration compartment is made of the standard squeezable bpa free plastic that we all know and love.   The two parts are threaded together to create a water-tight seal so that everything in the storage area will stay dry. The Cargo has a standard spout and is dishwasher safe.


  • What kind of bike can I use The Cargo Storage-Water Bottle on?

    • The Cargo will fit a standard water bottle cage and can be used on any mountain bike, road bike, tri bike, cruiser, etc.

  • How much water does The Cargo hold?

    • 500ml.

  • What is The Cargo‚Äôs storage capacity?

    • ~450ml, enough to fit a spare tire tube, tire levers, small multitool, 16g Co2 cartridge and a Co2 inflator head

  • What are the external dimensions of The Cargo?

    • About 270mm long from bottom to top of the spout and 80mm in diameter. The Cargo is approximately the size of a 750ml / 25 oz water bottle, like a larger Polar or Camelbak.

  • Will The Cargo fit into a standard water bottle cage?

    • Yes, The Cargo will fit into a standard water bottle cage. It will fit anywhere a larger Polar or Camelbak water bottle fits. We have tested it extensively and it stays secure in bottle cages and does not topple out.

  • Does the The Cargo (or the contents in it) rattle?

    • In extensive testing on rough roads and gravel we have not experienced any issues with rattling or any noise coming from the Cargo.

  • How do I access the dry storage compartment of The Cargo?

    • You simply unscrew the bottom half of The Cargo and have access to the storage compartment.

  • Can I put The Cargo into the dishwasher?

    • Yes, The Cargo is dishwasher safe.

  • When is SmrT launching its Kickstarter campaign for the Cargo?

    • We anticipate launching in September 2019.

  • How much does The Cargo cost?

    • We anticipate The Cargo retailing for $25, but there will be a significant discount for Kickstarter backers.

  • When will The Cargo be released?

    • We anticipate shipping The Cargo in early fall of 2019.

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