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Introducing the world's first Cargo Water Bottle



Clean Lines

With elegant but minimalist design, SmrT Cargo complements any bike while concealing its utility. It's an ideal replacement for unsightly saddle bags. 

Dual Functionality

SmrT Cargo combines a 500ml squeezable water bottle with a dry storage compartment in one compact solution. Allows for storage of complete repair kits, nutrition, first aid or personal goods*.

Hassle-free and Portable

SmrT Cargo is easily transferred from bike to bike, and fits most bottle cages giving convenient access to your hydration and gear.

Endless Possibilities

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Buy it now $19.95


Buy It Now $19.95


Buy it now $19.95


Durable and Squeezable

SmrT Cargo is built to withstand the rigors of daily use and has been subjected to extensive testing for impact and wear. Backed by the SmrT Guarantee.

SmrT Guarantee

Optimized for Performance

SmrT Cargo has been engineered to deliver peak performance. Through the use of optimized materials and design, it features a supple, squeezable water compartment, and a tough, dry cargo area.

Safe and Environmentally Responsible

SmrT Cargo is made of recyclable materials free of BPA and phthalate. Reusable and dishwasher safe.

SmrT - Passionate Cyclists Delivering Innovative Solutions

We're enthusiastic riders and are always looking for ways to improve our bikes and the riding experience.  We believe our Cargo Water Bottle elegantly addresses the need for both hydration and on-bike storage with a single solution, and we look forward to offering additional nifty accessories to you in the future.