SmrT Hydration’s founders getting some gravel riding in early one season.

SmrT Hydration’s founders getting some gravel riding in early one season.


It all started when…

a seat bag’s velcro rubbed my favorite bibs and ripped a hole.

We ride as often as we can. We ride century rides. We test ourselves in hammer rides.  We punish ourselves on gravel rides. We scour topographical maps to seek epic climbs. We are passionate cyclists! But, as we aren’t pros, we don’t have support vehicles driving behind - thus the need to carry certain essentials (tube, tire levers, c02, multitool, emergency cash, quick link, etc.).

For a long time, we managed with a saddle bags. But they’re unsightly on our minimalist and optimized bikes, often come loose on rough roads and - even worse - can rub against expensive bib shorts! We’ve also stuffed our jersey pockets, but that makes for a lot of bulk hanging off our svelte physique and crowds out things we need more immediate access to, like gels and cell phone.  What about those storage kegs? They get the job done, but waste a precious bottle cage, limiting your hydration capacity. These options are all compromised. Saddle bags in particular suck.

Thus, frustrated with what we viewed as poor solutions, we invented The Cargo storage bottle. We think it’s a simple and elegant solution to carry both water and parts / tools in a tidy fashion. We’re quite proud of it, and after talking to a bunch of riders, we always received positive feedback. In fact, most of the time, the response was “How can that not exist already.” But we checked, and it didn’t, so we made it and have a patent pending on it!

Please follow us - we have other elegant solutions on the drawing board following the rollout of The Cargo. We think a lot of athletes are going to like what SmrT will have to offer.